The CZ75-Auto is a unique offering in CS:GO as the game's first fully-automatic pistol. Originating from Czechoslovakia, the real-life version of this weapon was designed in 1975 and has since been recognized for its exceptional design. In the game, the CZ75-Auto is prized for its high armor penetration and the ability to deliver rapid fire bursts, making it a formidable choice in close quarters combat.

Priced more affordably than many other weapons, the CZ75-Auto provides teams with a cost-effective option to equip themselves with a powerful sidearm. However, users must contend with its limited magazine capacity, which necessitates precise shooting and strategic reloads under pressure. Additionally, the gun has noteworthy recoil, challenging players to master its kick to maintain accuracy during its automatic fire.

The CZ75-Auto also stands out due to its lower kill award compared to other pistols, which means players will earn less in-game currency for each opponent eliminated with this weapon. This factor encourages players to weigh the economic implications of choosing the CZ75-Auto in competitive play. With its distinct advantages and inherent challenges, the CZ75-Auto serves as a specialized weapon that, when used effectively, can change the tide of a match.

CZ75-Auto Spray Pattern

CZ75-Auto Skins