Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Policy

1. Introduction, owned and operated by Entertainment Technologies B.V., registration No. 161204, and located at Heelsumstraat 51, Willemstad, Curaçao, is committed to preventing any activities related to money laundering and financing of terrorism through its gaming services. We take strict measures to ensure that our platform is not used for any illicit activities or financial crimes.

2. Policy Statement

Our Anti-Money Laundering Policy is designed to comply with all applicable laws and regulations to prevent and detect money laundering and financing of terrorism. We are dedicated to conducting thorough customer due diligence, monitoring transactions, and reporting any suspicious activities to the relevant authorities.

3. Customer Identification and Verification

We implement stringent customer identification and verification procedures to establish the identity of our users. This includes collecting and verifying personal information, and ensuring the accuracy of the provided details. Users are required to provide valid identification documents to complete the verification process.

4. Ongoing Monitoring

We engage in continuous monitoring of user activities and transactions to detect any irregular or suspicious behavior. Our systems are designed to flag unusual patterns that may indicate money laundering or terrorist financing. In such cases, we take immediate action to investigate and report the activities to the competent authorities.

5. Reporting Suspicious Activities is committed to reporting any suspicious transactions or activities to the relevant authorities in a timely manner. Our team is trained to identify red flags and take appropriate action to ensure compliance with all AML regulations.

6. Record Keeping

We maintain comprehensive records of all transactions and customer identification information. These records are kept securely and are accessible only to authorized personnel. We ensure that all records are maintained for a minimum period as required by law, to assist in any future investigations or audits.

7. Risk Management

At, we have implemented a comprehensive risk management system to assess and mitigate the potential risks associated with money laundering and terrorist financing. Our risk assessment procedures are regularly updated to reflect any changes in our operating environment or emerging threats.

8. Employee Training

Our employees undergo rigorous training to ensure they are fully aware of the risks associated with money laundering and terrorist financing. They are equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to identify suspicious activities and are required to report any concerns to the designated AML compliance officer.

9. Designated AML Compliance Officer

We have appointed a dedicated AML Compliance Officer responsible for overseeing the implementation of our AML policies and procedures. The officer ensures that all aspects of our AML program are compliant with the relevant laws and regulations, and that our staff are adequately trained.

10. Review and Updates of AML Policies

We regularly review and update our Anti-Money Laundering policies and procedures to ensure their effectiveness and compliance with current laws and regulations. Any updates are promptly implemented to reflect changes in legislation or operational practices.

11. Contact Information

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our Anti-Money Laundering policies, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]. Our dedicated team is available to provide assistance and address any inquiries you may have.

12. Conclusion is fully committed to upholding the highest standards of integrity and accountability. We take a zero-tolerance approach to money laundering and terrorist financing, ensuring a safe and secure gaming environment for all our users. Together, we can prevent financial crimes and contribute to a safer global community.