Meet The Team at CSGOCasino

Welcome to CSGOCasino, the epicenter of innovation and thrill in the world of CSGO gambling! Our extraordinary journey is powered by a dedicated and talented team, each member bringing their unique skills and passion for gaming to create an unparalleled experience for our players. From the meticulous minds of our developers to the creative hearts of our designers and the unwavering support of our customer service professionals, we are united by a common goal: to deliver excitement, fairness, and endless adventure. Dive in and get acquainted with the remarkable individuals behind the magic of CSGOCasino, because here, every play is a team effort, and every win is a celebration of our shared passion for CSGO. Learn more about us on the About Us page.

Team Members

James Rosa


James is the founder of CSGOCasino and a passionate gamer with over 15 years of experience in first person shooters like Rust and CSGO. After years of trading and gambling skins on different websites, he decided to create his own platform to provide a better experience for the CSGO community. James is a firm believer in the power of innovation and is constantly working to improve the CSGOCasino experience for players.

Marvin Padilla


Marvin is the developer of CSGOCasino with over a decade of experience in web development. He was involved in the creation of a big CSGO trading site and decided to team up with James to create the best CSGO gambling platform. He worked for companies like Facebook and Hubspot before deciding to become a freelancer, and then joining the CSGOCasino team.

Lucjan Ostrowski


Lucjan is an old friend of James and is responsible for the moderation of CSGOCasino. He has been playing CSGO since the early days and has extensive experience in skins trading on both Rust and CSGO. He is also responsible for managing a part of our social media accounts and our Discord server.

Ethan Martinez

Head of Content

Ethan is the Head of Content at CSGOCasino and a renowned expert in CSGO skins and their market dynamics. With over 9 years in the CSGO community, he has extensive experience managing a top CSGO trading site and leading an SEO agency. Specializing in CSGO skins and their trade, Ethan offers unmatched insights and expertise to every article.