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★ Bayonet

★ Bayonet

The ★ Bayonet is a coveted melee weapon in the popular first-person shooter game, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). The design of this knife is adapted from the real-world Smith & Wesson SW2B, a model crafted for tactical use and initially made to be attached to rifles. Introduced into CS:GO as one of the inaugural cosmetic knives, the Bayonet stands out for its unique animation, where the player character flips and twirls it before holding it ready for action.

In CS:GO, the ★ Bayonet is not just a tool for close combat; it's also a status symbol due to its rarity and the various attractive skin designs it can encompass. Collectors and players alike seek the Bayonet for both its aesthetic appeal and the prestige it carries. Functionally, the Bayonet, like other knives in CS:GO, can dispatch enemies quietly and efficiently in close-quarters engagements, offering the highest damage per second (DPS) compared to other weapons in the game when used for backstabbing.

To fully leverage the ★ Bayonet in CS:GO, players should master the timing and range of knife attacks and use stealth to approach enemies unnoticed. Remember that while the Bayonet has a high instant-kill potential from behind, pulling out your knife also increases your movement speed, making it useful for quick rotations and map navigation. Always consider the risk though, as equipping the knife leaves players vulnerable to ranged attacks.

★ Bayonet Skins