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★ Shadow Daggers

★ Shadow Daggers

The ★ Shadow Daggers are a distinctive choice of melee weapon in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO). Resembling the real-world Gerber Tactical Uppercut Push Dagger, these knives stand out for their unique, compact design and the fact that they're wielded in pairs, offering a symmetrical visual as players equip them. Released on September 17, 2015, they were introduced alongside the Shadow Case, earning their name.

As some of the most accessible knives available in CSGO, the ★ Shadow Daggers offer an affordable option for players looking to enhance their in-game inventory with a knife skin. Despite their lower price point compared to other knives in CSGO, the ★ Shadow Daggers do not compromise on the intimidation and style factor, making them a popular choice for players of all levels.

Players seeking to add flare to their game often seek out the ★ Shadow Daggers for their unique animation and handling characteristics. When held, the knives are pointed downward, giving a talent demonstration in both stabs and slashes. Whether you're after improved aesthetics or just aiming to collect diverse in-game items, the ★ Shadow Daggers are an excellent addition to any player's arsenal.

★ Shadow Daggers Skins