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★ Ursus Knife

★ Ursus Knife

The ★ Ursus Knife is a sought-after melee weapon in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), prized for its distinct design and animations. Designed closely after the real-life Gerber Prodigy Tanto fixed-blade knife, it boasts a tactical and robust appearance. Players admire the Ursus Knife for its unique draw animation, where the in-game character skillfully tosses the knife into the air before catching it, adding an extra flair to their gameplay. Moreover, it features an uncommon inspect animation which includes a slick rotation of the knife, much to the delight of collectors and aficionados of in-game cosmetics.

This knife first made its entry into CS:GO on August 3, 2018, as part of the noteworthy update that introduced the Horizon Case. The addition of the Ursus Knife added a fresh look to the array of weapons available in the game, offering players more variety in customizing their in-game loadout. Its presence not only enhances visual appeal but also allows for a personalized touch to a player’s arsenal.

For those looking to acquire the ★ Ursus Knife, it can be unboxed from the Horizon Case with a bit of luck or purchased directly from the Steam Community Market. The knife comes in various skins and finishes that can range from battle-worn looks to pristine, factory-new conditions. With its tactical design and satisfying animations, the Ursus Knife remains a favored choice for players seeking to make a statement on the battlefield.

★ Ursus Knife Skins