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★ Survival Knife

★ Survival Knife

The ★ Survival Knife is a high-value melee weapon in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO). Emulating the robust design of the Wayland Survival Knife, this in-game item stands out with its unique handle texture and sturdy appearance. A standout feature of the ★ Survival Knife is its rare draw animation, where the game character performs an attention-grabbing toss of the knife into the air, showcasing the item's exceptional in-game craftsmanship. This particular knife was introduced to CSGO on November 18, 2019, marking its debut alongside the exciting launch of Operation Shattered Web.

Players seeking to enhance their in-game inventory often aspire to obtain the ★ Survival Knife for its prestige and aesthetic appeal. Not only does it function as a standard knife capable of eliminating opponents in close-quarters combat, but it also significantly boosts a player's style factor due to its rarity and the impressive draw animation. Collectors and competitive players alike place great value on this knife because it serves as a symbol of status within the game's community.

As with other knives in CSGO, the ★ Survival Knife is available through in-game weapon cases and the Steam Community Market. Its availability in different skins and finishes allows players to personalize their gaming experience, adding another layer of customization to this already coveted item. Owning a ★ Survival Knife elevates the in-game experience by combining utility and visual flair, making it a sought-after piece for any serious CSGO enthusiast's collection.

★ Survival Knife Skins