The Sawed-Off is a powerful shotgun in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), known for its exceptional close-range damage. This firearm is a modified version of the reputable Remington 870, an American pump-action shotgun that has been in service since 1950. Its ability to cause devastating damage up close makes it a popular choice for players looking to hold tight positions or surprise opponents around corners.

With a low purchase cost, the Sawed-Off shotgun is also an economical weapon for players on a budget. However, it does come with some drawbacks that are important to consider. The weapon experiences a slow rate of fire and significant recoil, which can make it challenging to control. Additionally, it lacks efficiency at medium to long ranges, as the sawed-off barrel reduces accuracy and pellet spread becomes wider, drastically lowering the damage over distance.

When using the Sawed-Off, it's critical to play to its strengths by choosing close-quarters combat whenever possible and avoiding open areas where longer-ranged weapons can outmatch you. An aggressive, surprise-based playstyle will yield the best results with this shotgun. Remember that after firing, it's wise to find cover immediately while you deal with the recoil and prepare for the next shot, making careful movement and positioning key to successfully utilizing the Sawed-Off in CS:GO.

Sawed-Off Skins