PP-Bizon, a submachine gun in CS:GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive), is a game-changer in combat scenarios. Modeled after the real-life PP-19 Bizon, a Russian-made SMG created in 1993, this virtual weapon is a favorite due to its rapid rate of fire and uniquely large helical magazine that stands out in the game. Players appreciate the PP-Bizon for its minimal recoil, making it easier to control during continuous fire.

Catering to budget-conscious gamers, the PP-Bizon is prized for its affordability, allowing players to gear up without expending too many in-game funds. It also offers a high reward for each kill, giving economic momentum. When it comes to setbacks, it's worth noting that this submachine gun has lower accuracy than some counterparts and can inflict reduced damage on opponents. However, its disadvantages are often overshadowed by its generous 64-round capacity which allows for extensive firing without constant reloading.

While wielding the PP-Bizon in CS:GO, consider engaging at close to medium ranges to compensate for its lower accuracy. Its low recoil and high fire rate make it ideal for spraying bullets in confined spaces or against multiple adversaries. Remember, the PP-Bizon may not be the best choice for long-range encounters, so choose your battlegrounds wisely to make the most out of this distinctive SMG.

PP-Bizon Spray Pattern

PP-Bizon Skins