The P90, a powerful submachine gun in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO), is modeled after the real-world FN P90, which was created in Belgium during the 1980s. Known for its generously large magazine capacity holding 50 rounds, the P90 enables players to engage multiple opponents without frequent reloading. It boasts a high rate of fire, paired with low recoil, making it a favorable choice for both novice and intermediate players looking to maintain control during rapid fire.

However, the P90 has its drawbacks, including lower accuracy when compared to rifles, especially at long ranges. Its low damage output can be a disadvantage in fights where precision and power are key. Additionally, it has a low kill award, granting less money per kill than other weapons, which is a crucial aspect to consider for your in-game economy. As the most expensive submachine gun in CSGO, players must weigh its cost against potential benefits in gameplay.

Aesthetically speaking, the P90's futuristic design has made it popular in science fiction films, contributing to its iconic status. In the context of CSGO, this weapon is best utilized in close to medium-range combat scenarios where its strengths can be maximized. Its ease of handling makes it ideal for moving and shooting, room clearing, and suppressing enemies when on the move. Consider purchasing the P90 during 'rush' tactics or when you expect close quarter battles where its large magazine and rate of fire can overwhelm opponents.

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