The M4A4 is a powerful automatic assault rifle, modeled after the iconic M4 rifle originating from the USA, a staple in the US Army since 1994. A key element in CS:GO, the M4A4 stands out as the singular weapon in the game associated with a rare "Contraband" quality skin known as the "Howl". Its large magazine capacity allows for extended engagements without frequent reloading, while the low recoil ensures greater accuracy during controlled bursts of fire. However, the M4A4 is also known for its high price tag, which can impact your in-game economy, and a notable damage dropoff at longer ranges, demanding precision for effective long-distance shots.

Strategically, the M4A4 is best utilized in defensive positions where its magazine size can cover multiple opponents or provide suppressive fire. When using the M4A4, it's advisable to engage in short to medium-range combat to mitigate its damage dropoff. By mastering burst firing, players can harness the rifle's potential for high accuracy and control. Remember, the M4A4's cost necessitates mindful spending in matches to ensure you can equip it when most needed without compromising the rest of your gear.

M4A4 Spray Pattern

M4A4 Skins