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AK-47 | Predator
Industrial GradeNormal
Released 13 August 2013

Wear Limits



The Dust Collection
The Dust Collection

AK-47 | Predator

The AK-47 | Predator skin was added to CS:GO on August 13, 2013 as part of The Dust Collection, released alongside "The Arms Deal" update.


The skin was added to the game on August 13, 2013, as part of The Dust Collection, which was released alongside “The Arms Deal” update.


The entire body of the rifle is adorned with an animalistic pattern consisting of different-sized vertical stripes resembling the zebra color made in various shades of brown and green. The design of the skin resembles a camouflage pattern.

Float Effect

Float Value of the skin ranges from 0.06 to 0.80, making it available in all conditions. Scratches and abrasions are present on the body of the rifle in Factory New condition, and become more noticeable at higher wear levels.

Pattern Difference

The pattern index affects the arrangement of the stripes on the body of the rifle. Rare or special variations of the pattern are absent.


The quality of AK-47 | Predator is Industrial Grade. The skin is not available with the StatTrak counter and has no souvenir option. The skin belongs to the "Predator" series.


At the moment, AK-47 | Predator is not a popular skin and is rarely seen in the game.

AK-47 | Predator Prices

AK-47 | Predator (Field-Tested)
Steam $19.12
Dmarket $14.47
LootFarm $22.98
AK-47 | Predator (Minimal Wear)
Steam $21.53
Dmarket $18.37
LootFarm $25.18
AK-47 | Predator (Battle-Scarred)
Steam $16.26
Dmarket $15.96
LootFarm $18.16
AK-47 | Predator (Well-Worn)
Steam $16.64
Dmarket $14.02
LootFarm $19.05
AK-47 | Predator (Factory New)
Steam $58.91
Dmarket $79.00
LootFarm $67.26

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