The USP-S is a precisely-engineered, semi-automatic pistol in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) distinguished by its attached silencer. It is a favored choice for players seeking stealth and accuracy. Modeled after the renown Heckler & Koch USP, the firearm was first developed in 1993 in Germany. Key features include its high damage output, exceptional accuracy, and long-range effectiveness, making it a reliable weapon for those with precise aim.

However, the USP-S also comes with its own set of drawbacks. Users should be aware of its lower rate of fire and reduced armor penetration compared to other pistols. Furthermore, the magazine capacity is smaller, necessitating careful shot placement and ammunition conservation. This weapon is one of the initial pistols provided to counter-terrorist players upon spawning in the game.

For the best use of USP-S, engage at moderate to long distances to take advantage of its range proficiency. It is less effective in close-quarter combat due to its rate of fire, so ensure you have adequate cover and an escape route planned. The silencer can be a significant tactical advantage, as it suppresses noise and muzzle flash, allowing you to take down targets discreetly without revealing your position.

USP-S Spray Pattern

USP-S Skins