The UMP-45 is a powerful submachine gun modeled after the real-life Heckler & Koch UMP, developed in Germany during the 1990s. In CS:GO, the UMP-45 provides an excellent balance between cost and efficiency, gaining popularity for its affordable price, significant damage output, and an attractive kill award that can bolster your in-game economy. However, users should be aware of its limitations, which include a slower rate of fire, a relatively small magazine size of 25 rounds, and a noticeable damage dropoff at longer ranges when compared to other weapons in its class.

Despite these drawbacks, the UMP-45 is a solid choice in close to medium-range combat scenarios. Its handling and control are more manageable due to the low recoil, making it favorable for players who are still perfecting their aim. Moreover, the UMP-45's high armor penetration makes it an effective tool against armored adversaries. While engaging opponents, it's wise to utilize the weapon's strengths by playing in positions that require short to medium-range engagements, and adopt a burst firing technique to maintain accuracy. Whether you're on an eco round or just looking for a cost-effective method to confront enemy players, the UMP-45 could be your go-to choice for a reliable submachine gun experience in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

UMP-45 Spray Pattern

UMP-45 Skins