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★ Skeleton Knife

★ Skeleton Knife

The ★ Skeleton Knife is a popular melee weapon in the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). This sleek and distinctive knife is modeled after the real-life Renegade Tactical Steel Stryker Throwing Knife. One of the key features of the Skeleton Knife is its unique inspect animation, where the player character skillfully rotates the knife around their index finger, adding flair to gameplay.

This coveted item was introduced to CS:GO on November 18, 2019, in conjunction with the launch of Operation Shattered Web. The Skeleton Knife quickly became a fan-favorite due to its rare status and the tactical advantage of its quick draw animation.

As a cosmetic item, the Skeleton Knife does not offer any gameplay benefits over other knives in CS:GO, but it does provide a visual enhancement that many players seek. The Skeleton Knife can be found in various finishes and rarities, which can affect its value. Collectors and enthusiasts often pursue this item for its aesthetics and to complete their inventory of in-game collectibles.

★ Skeleton Knife Skins