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★ Paracord Knife

★ Paracord Knife

The ★ Paracord Knife is a prized melee weapon in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), favored for both its form and function. It is modeled after the real-world Linton Seal Tactical L-90008B knife, known for its distinctive paracord-wrapped handle that gives the weapon its name. This knife stands out with its unique draw animation, where the in-game character seamlessly tosses the knife between hands, adding a touch of flair to gameplay.

Alongside its dynamic draw, the ★ Paracord Knife also boasts a special inspect animation, adding to its allure with the character performing multiple flips of the knife, showcasing its design. It was officially integrated into CS:GO on November 18, 2019, coinciding with the launch of Operation Shattered Web, making it a newer addition to the game's array of collectible knives.

Collectors and players alike seek the ★ Paracord Knife for its rarity and the prestige it adds to any gamer's arsenal. When equipped, it can enhance the player's visual experience with its striking animations, while effectively serving as the close-quarters weapon of choice during matches. Although its in-game performance mirrors that of other knives in terms of damage and functionality, the ★ Paracord Knife is particularly notable for its cosmetic appeal and the way it can personalize a player's in-game appearance.

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