The MAG-7 shotgun is a prominent firearm in CS:GO. Originally developed in South Africa in 1995, this shotgun is renowned for its high damage output, making it a formidable close-range weapon. It's also valued for its high accuracy and generous kill award, providing a substantial economic benefit in-game. However, it's not without its drawbacks. The MAG-7 suffers from a large spread, a low rate of fire, and significantly reduced effectiveness at long-range combat.

As one of CS:GO's most popular shotguns, the MAG-7 excels in tight spaces where close combat is inevitable. It allows players to hold narrow angles and surprise enemies with its powerful shots. Though its low rate of fire can be a hindrance, skilled players use its unique pump-action mechanism to their advantage, timing their shots between cover. Additionally, its high kill award can boost a player's economy, enabling more equipment purchases in subsequent rounds. Players should note its limitations at a distance and choose their engagements wisely to maximize the MAG-7's potential.

MAG-7 Skins