The MAC-10, also recognized as the MAC-10 SMG (Submachine Gun), is a powerful, compact firearm in the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO). Reflecting its real-life counterpart, the Ingram MAC-10, which originated in the USA during the 1960s, the in-game MAC-10 is favored for its affordability and impressive rate of fire.

Its low cost makes it an attractive choice for players on a budget or those in an eco-round, allowing for a more aggressive playstyle without significant financial risk. However, its advantages come with trade-offs; the MAC-10 suffers from low accuracy and high recoil, which can be challenging to control when firing continuously. Another point to consider is its low armor penetration, which means it might take more shots to neutralize armored opponents.

Despite its drawbacks, the MAC-10 is especially effective in close-quarters combat thanks to its rapid firing ability. To maximize its performance, players should aim to engage enemies at a close range and utilize strategies like strafing and burst-firing to compensate for its accuracy and recoil issues. Proper mastery of the MAC-10 allows players to harness its strengths and mitigate its weaknesses, making it a formidable weapon in the right hands.

MAC-10 Spray Pattern

MAC-10 Skins