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★ Kukri Knife | Forest DDPAT
Released 7 February 2024


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Kilowatt Case

★ Kukri Knife | Forest DDPAT

The ★ Kukri Knife | Forest DDPAT is a popular skin in CS:GO known for its distinctive forest camouflage pattern. This skin is highly sought after by players for its unique appearance and rarity.


The Forest DDPAT skin was introduced in the CS:GO game as part of a collection of weapon skins. It quickly gained popularity due to its eye-catching design and became a valuable item in the game.


The Forest DDPAT skin features a green and brown camouflage pattern, giving the knife a rugged and adventurous look. The design is inspired by the dense forests and is a favorite among players who enjoy blending into their surroundings.

Float Effect

The float effect of the Forest DDPAT skin determines the wear and tear on the knife, affecting its overall appearance. A lower float value indicates minimal wear, while a higher float value indicates more damage and aging.

Pattern Difference

Each ★ Kukri Knife | Forest DDPAT skin has a unique camouflage pattern, making every knife one-of-a-kind. Players often seek out specific patterns or variations to add to their collection.


Aside from its distinctive appearance, the Forest DDPAT skin is also known for its smooth handling and balanced performance in the game. It is a favorite among players who value both form and function in their weapon skins.


The Forest DDPAT skin is highly coveted by CS:GO players and collectors due to its rarity and visual appeal. Its popularity has only grown over time, making it a valuable addition to any player's inventory.

★ Kukri Knife | Forest DDPAT Prices

★ Kukri Knife | Forest DDPAT (Field-Tested)
Steam $192.28
Dmarket $152.27
LootFarm $233.98
★ Kukri Knife | Forest DDPAT (Well-Worn)
Steam $207.56
Dmarket $155.59
LootFarm $220.91
★ Kukri Knife | Forest DDPAT (Minimal Wear)
Steam $259.65
Dmarket $184.67
LootFarm $283.51
★ Kukri Knife | Forest DDPAT (Battle-Scarred)
Steam $182.59
Dmarket $153.65
LootFarm $212.58
★ Kukri Knife | Forest DDPAT (Factory New)
Steam $411.74
Dmarket $311.11
LootFarm -

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