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★ Karambit | Tiger Tooth
Released 26 April 2016

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★ Karambit | Tiger Tooth

The Karambit | Tiger Tooth (Kara TT) skin is a highly sought-after skin in CS:GO. It was introduced to the game on January 08, 2015, as part of the "Full Spectrum" update and is available in all "Chroma" cases.


The skin was added to the game on January 08, 2015, alongside the "Full Spectrum" update. It is available in all "Chroma" cases.


The blade of the Karambit | Tiger Tooth is coated with yellow metallic paint and adorned with brown stripes that imitate the color of a tiger. The handle remains unpainted, creating a striking visual effect.

Float Effect

The Float Value of the skin ranges from 0.00 to 0.08, making Karambit | Tiger Tooth available only in Factory New and Minimal Wear condition. At higher wear levels, the knife may display abrasions on the blade and the handle.

Pattern Difference

The pattern index affects the arrangement of the stripes on the blade. However, special or rare variations of the pattern are absent.


The quality of Karambit | Tiger Tooth is Covert. The skin also has a StatTrak option, allowing players to track their kills with the knife. Additionally, it belongs to the "Tiger Tooth" series, adding to its unique appeal.


Currently, Karambit | Tiger Tooth enjoys average popularity among CS:GO players, thanks to its visually appealing design and unique features.

★ Karambit | Tiger Tooth Prices

★ Karambit | Tiger Tooth (Minimal Wear)
Steam $398.87
Dmarket $1,107.74
LootFarm $1,566.03
★ Karambit | Tiger Tooth (Factory New)
Steam $1,376.83
Dmarket $1,105.00
LootFarm $1,784.74

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