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★ Karambit | Lore
Released 14 June 2016

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Gamma 2 Case
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Gamma Case

★ Karambit | Lore

The Karambit | Lore is a skin for the CS:GO game that was introduced on June 15, 2016, as part of the “Gamma Exposure” update. It can be obtained from all “Gamma” cases.


Karambit | Lore was added to the game on June 15, 2016, alongside the “Gamma Exposure” update. The skin is available in all “Gamma” cases.


The design of the skin is inspired by the legendary AWP | Dragon Lore. The blade of the knife is coated with golden metallic paint and adorned with a translucent medieval pattern. The lower cutting edge is decorated with a Celtic ornament made in yellow-orange tones with a dark brown outline. The handle is painted dark green.

Float Effect

The skin is available in all conditions, and its Float Value ranges from 0.00 to 0.65. Levels of wear can be determined by the size and number of abrasions, which start to become noticeable already in Minimal Wear condition, but at this stage, they are almost unnoticeable as they blend with the pattern. At Float Values close to the maximum, about 30% of the paint layer is peeled on the blade, the handle and the ring also have numerous abrasions.

Pattern Difference

The pattern index does not affect the appearance of the skin.


The quality of Karambit | Lore is Covert. The skin has a StatTrak option and belongs to the "Lore" series.


At the moment, Karambit | Lore has average popularity.

★ Karambit | Lore Prices

★ Karambit | Lore (Battle-Scarred)
Steam $732.21
Dmarket $582.84
LootFarm $887.10
★ Karambit | Lore (Minimal Wear)
Steam $1,585.35
Dmarket $1,287.99
LootFarm $1,944.93
★ Karambit | Lore (Well-Worn)
Steam $855.98
Dmarket $718.66
LootFarm -
★ Karambit | Lore (Factory New)
Steam $1,940.94
Dmarket $1,920.99
LootFarm $2,861.03
★ Karambit | Lore (Field-Tested)
Steam $1,070.13
Dmarket $799.94
LootFarm $1,230.76

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