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★ Huntsman Knife | Doppler Black Pearl
Released 14 March 2017

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Spectrum 2 Case
Spectrum 2 Case
Spectrum Case
Spectrum Case

★ Huntsman Knife | Doppler Black Pearl

Introduced on March 15, 2017, the Huntsman Knife | Doppler Black Pearl (Huntsman BP) is a highly sought-after skin available in the "Spectrum" and "Spectrum 2" cases. With its distinctive appearance and rarity, it has become a popular choice for many players.


The Huntsman BP was added to the game on March 15, 2017, during the "Take a trip to the Canals" update, making it a relatively recent addition to the CS:GO skin collection.


The blade of the knife features metallic paints and a pattern of translucent wavy lines resembling smoke, with a color scheme that includes various shades of blue, purple, and crimson, creating stunning gradient transitions. The handle, on the other hand, remains unpainted, making the blade the focal point of this unique skin.

Float Effect

The Float Value of the Huntsman BP ranges from 0.00 to 0.08, meaning it is available in Factory New and Minimal Wear conditions. In Factory New condition, small abrasions are already present on the spine and cutting edge, with the number and size of abrasions increasing as the wear level approaches the maximum.

Pattern Difference

The pattern index plays a significant role in the appearance of the skin, affecting the ratio of colors as well as the location of the blue, purple, and crimson areas. However, special or rare variations of the pattern are absent.


The Huntsman BP is classified as Covert quality and includes a StatTrak option. Although it is one of the rarest phases of the “Huntsman Knife | Doppler” series, it is not the most expensive.


Due to its rarity and unique appearance, the “Doppler Black Pearl” is highly valued by skin collectors, making it one of the rarest and most sought-after skins for the Huntsman Knife. As a result, it is rarely seen in the game.

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