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★ Butterfly Knife

★ Butterfly Knife

The ★ Butterfly Knife in CS:GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) is a coveted folding knife inspired by the traditional Philippine balisong. Renowned for its distinctive and fluid flipping action, the Butterfly Knife boasts not just aesthetic appeal but also two exclusive draw animations and three detailed inspect animations, setting it apart from other knives in the game. As one of the most sought-after knives, it quickly gained popularity following its introduction on July 1, 2014, as part of the memorable Operation Breakout update.

Players value the Butterfly Knife for both its showmanship qualities and the tactile satisfaction it provides during gameplay. With its intricately designed handle and sharp blade, this knife is synonymous with style and finesse. Each animation—whether drawing the knife or inspecting it—adds a layer of personal flair, making its wielder stand out on the battlefield. Moreover, it is collectible for its rarity and range of available skins, which further enhance its visual appeal and in-game prestige.

For those looking to acquire the ★ Butterfly Knife, it is available through opening specific weapon cases, such as the Operation Breakout Weapon Case. Collectors and players should note that knife availability can vary, and the knife's market value may fluctuate based on its skin, condition, and overall demand. Always ensure to check the current market and trade options to find the best deal for adding this iconic piece to your in-game arsenal.

★ Butterfly Knife Skins