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★ Bowie Knife

★ Bowie Knife

The ★ Bowie Knife is a sought-after melee weapon in the popular first-person shooter game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). Its design is heavily influenced by the historical Aitor Oso Negro knife, which boasts a large, clip-point blade, ideal for close combat encounters. Notably, the legendary rock musician David Bowie, known for his eclectic works and alter-egos, shares his moniker with this knife—a testament to its cultural impact and fierce design.

Players have been eagerly collecting the ★ Bowie Knife since its introduction on February 17, 2016, as part of the game's exciting Operation Wildfire update. With its impressive size and distinct appearance, the ★ Bowie Knife instantly stands out in the arsenal of CS:GO melee weapons. It's not only a functional choice for gamers but also a status symbol signifying one's commitment to the game and one's repertoire of in-game items.

When wielding the ★ Bowie Knife, players gain the advantage of having a large, formidable blade that can make a significant impact during close-quarters battles. Its larger model makes for a striking visual when equipped, which can make gameplay even more immersive and thrilling. As a cosmetic item, the ★ Bowie Knife has several available skins, which allow players to customize its aesthetic to match their style, making it a versatile and personal addition to any player's inventory.

★ Bowie Knife Skins