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AWP | Gungnir
Released 17 November 2019

Wear Limits



The Norse Collection
The Norse Collection

AWP | Gungnir

The AWP | Gungnir was added to the game on November 18, 2019, as part of The Norse Collection, which was released alongside the start of Operation Shattered Web.


The skin is named after the spear of the Old Norse god Odin.


The rifle’s body is coated with pearlescent blue paint and complemented by an image of a dark blue spear surrounded by a textured silver pattern of wavy lines and curls. Individual parts of the weapon are painted beige and engraved with traditional Old Norse ornaments.

Float Effect

Float Value of the skin ranges from 0.00 to 0.60, which makes AWP | Gungnir available in all conditions. The first small abrasions appear on the beige parts of the weapon in Minimal Wear condition. At levels of wear close to the maximum, the number and size of abrasions increase, the paint layer on the back part of the buttstock, the barrel, and the magazine is completely peeled off. The blue-painted parts of the rifle have no abrasions and are coated with a layer of patina, which makes them look noticeably darker.

Pattern Difference

The pattern index does not affect the appearance of the skin.


The quality of AWP | Gungnir is Covert. The skin is not available with the StatTrak counter and has no souvenir option.


AWP | Gungnir is currently one of the most popular skins, but it is rarely seen in the game due to its high price.

AWP | Gungnir Prices

AWP | Gungnir (Well-Worn)
Steam $749.60
Dmarket $6,230.00
LootFarm -
AWP | Gungnir (Minimal Wear)
Steam $1,120.16
Dmarket $10,321.83
LootFarm $15,363.55
AWP | Gungnir (Field-Tested)
Steam $754.51
Dmarket $8,299.99
LootFarm $12,119.30

Watch the AWP | Gungnir Video